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NuWave Mini
NuWave Mini
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The NuWave Mini can do just about anything the original NuWave Oven Pro can, and its lower wattage and compact size makes it a great solution for small kitchens, dorm rooms, boats and RVs. The unique design allows you to securely clip the dome to the base, making the NuWave Mini ideal to take anywhere! From homemade favorites or convenience foods, the Mini even reheats leftovers better than a microwave or toaster oven. Plus, the NuWave Mini won't waste energy or heat up your kitchen.
NuWave Pro Extender Ring Kit
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The Extender Ring Kit includes a 3-inch extender ring, a 10-inch non stick baking pan and a 2-inch cooking rack, all specially designed for the NuWave Oven. The Extender Ring Kit will increase the capacity of your oven by up to 50%, allowing you to cook up to a 16 lb. turkey or a 14 lb. ham. With a 2-inch rack you can cook steaks on one layer and cook vegetables on another layer, saving you both time and cleanup.
The NuWave Baking Kit
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The NuWave Baking Kit includes an 8x8-inch Silicone Baking Pan with a Silicone Divider Insert, 12 Silicone Cupcake Liners, Silicone Baking Ring and the NuWave Baking Book. Prepare your favorite baked goods without heating your kitchen using reusable, dishwasher safe silicone!

Includes stainless steel Whip-It whisk

The NuWave Party Mixer
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The party mixer is both Dishwasher and Freezer-safe, has 4 durable blades and a seal & store lid. The party mixer is excellent for making frozen drinks, snow cones, salsa, soups, smoothies and much more.
NuWave Supreme Pizza Kit
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The fantastic Supreme Pizza Kit gives you everything you need to turn even a frozen pizza into a scrumptious, cheesy treat. The kit includes a stainless steel pizza flipper and server, perfect for flipping, cutting and serving, a silicone pizza liner, which lets you easily cook the crust to crunchy perfection and a 14-inch cutting board made from 100% durable, eco-friendly bamboo. This is the ultimate cutting board for all your kitchen needs!
Multi-Purpose Twister Blender
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Blast through all of your food prep chores in seconds. The Multi-Purpose Twister Blender lets you chop, grind, grate, mix and blend all in one amazing machine. You get the powerful Twister motor, 8-ounce canister, 4-ounce canister, 2 storage lids, a chopping blade and a flat blade.
Custom-Made Carrying Case
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The NuWave Custom Made Carrying Case is made of a handsome black, durable, strong yet lightweight material. It also has a carrying handle and shoulder strap for easy portability. You now can easily take your oven anywhere with you. Take it to vacations, picnics, camping trips or even to boat or RV.
2-Year Extended Warranty
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Protect your investment of the oven with an additional 2-year "WORRY FREE" warranty on all electrical components. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your oven is protected for 2 additional years. All at a nominal cost of about a dollar per month.
NuWave Versa-Tongs
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