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1. What is Triple Combo Cooking (TCC) power?
The TCC combines the three cooking methods.

  • Conduction is the heat that is applied directly to the food.

  • Convection is circulated hot air, produced by our quiet motor and a specially designed fan. This allows the heat to distribute evenly for faster cooking and even browning.

  • Infrared is simply a form of gentle, invisible, radiant heat. It penetrates the inside of foods while also cooking from the outside, leaving dishes moist and full of flavor yet browned to perfection. Hearthware's specially patented heating rods enhance the NuWave Oven's unique infrared capabilities. The concept is similar to the warmth of the sun's rays felt on your skin. As a matter of fact, about 80% of the sun's rays consist of infrared waves. The same principle applies to our NuWave Oven, only on a smaller scale. Restaurants have been using this technology for years to keep foods warm.
2. What is the difference between an Infrared Oven and a Halogen Oven?
3. How is infrared a benefit to cooking?
4. I changed my power level to 10, so why is my NuWave taking 3 hours to cook a chicken breast?
5. Where do I find the model number and serial number?
6. The NuWave manual states that my oven can broil, bake, roast, bbq, grill, dehydrate, steam and rir-fry. How do you do these multi-functions? Is there a button?
7. Do I need the extender ring to cook a turkey?
8. How do I remove frozen turkey giblets and what if I want to stuff the turkey?
9. How do you season frozen food?
10. Do we need to flip the foods?
11. How easy is the NuWave Oven to clean?
12. I live in a warm climate. Will the NuWave Oven heat up my kitchen?
13. What types of pans can safely be used in the NuWave Oven?
14. Is the NuWave Oven big enough to cook multiple foods at the same time?
15. How well does the NuWave Oven cook vegetables and other vegetarian dishes?
16. Does the NuWave Oven create smoke?
17. What is the maximum temperature reached in the NuWave Oven?
18. How much time and energy can be saved with the NuWave Oven?
19. What do the recipes and charts mean by the 1" or 4" rack?
20. How long has the NuWave Oven been on the market?
21. What are the dimensions and size of the NuWave Oven?
22. Do the tastes and smells of different foods cooked in the NuWave Oven mix?
23. How is NuWave Oven shipped?
24. What if I don't have/never received my manuals and cooking guides?
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