NuWave Oven Reviews / Testimonial (video):

The following media reviews and customer testimonials verify that users of the NuWave Oven are "living well for less."
From energy conservation, to time saving, weight loss and the consumption of quick and healthy family meals, these success stories confirm that the NuWave is the countertop oven you won't believe you lived without!
*These are independent 3rd party reviews which have not been altered in content.

Target 11 consumer reporter Robin Taylor puts the popular NuWave Oven to the test. The results speak for themselves!
Xfinity Finance

Lisa Kaplan Gordon concludes that if you don't have much room in your kitchen or need an extra oven, the durable NuWave Oven Pro could fit the bill.

Consumer reporter Liz Crenshaw concludes that the NuWave Oven does all that it promises...and more!

Good Morning America

Mom Testers unanimously approve the NuWave Oven! One of the testers, Franklin, Massachusetts mother Jenna Reddy, even gives her oven a hug!

Mommy blogger dubs the NuWave "one of my favorite time saving devices for moms."

More NuWave Oven Testimonial Videos:

David Lee Nall
Certified Sports Nutritionist
Lost 69 pounds

Hank Uhlaender
Professional Bodybuilder
Lost 60 pounds

Jacques Lesure
Jazz Musician
Lost 30 pounds

Gloria Cipollone
Office Manager
Reduced 23 points bad cholesterol

Kathie Kuehn
Reduced 15 points bad cholesterol

Marianna Bola
Assistant Principal
Reduced 20 points bad cholesterol

Dr. Stephanie Nielsen, CCN
Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D., N.C.,
M.A Certified Nutritionist & Author

Barbara Conway

Chef John Kane
Owner, Kane's Restaurant

Chef Lisa Ginn
Chef/Owner, 'Dinner Par-teez'

Chef Roy
Certified Master Chef

David M. Cane
James Beard foundation Award Winner & Radio Food Show Host
NuWave Owner since 2009
Thousands of actual customer reviews may explain why we've sold over 2,500,000 NuWave Ovens and counting.
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