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2.      A. Who was the Primary Purchaser?
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C. How many members belong to your household ?
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3. How did you hear about this item?
 a) Retail Store Display  d) Friends / Family  g) Other
 b) Infomercial / TV  e) Catalogue / Magazine
 c) Newspaper  f) Internet
4. What features convinced you to purchase this item?
 a) Portability  d) Price  g) Healthier Cooking
 b) Speed  e) Cooking Frozen Foods  h) Other
 c) Energy-Saving  f) Ease of Operation
5. What are your favorite foods with the NuWave?
 a) Poultry  d) Seafood  g) Breads
 b) Beef  e) Vegetables  h) Other
 c) Pork  f) Breakfast
6. What do you like best about the NuWave Oven?
 a) Taste  d) Healthy Cooking  g) Doesn't heat up the kitchen
 b) Speed  e) Easy use & cleaning  h) Other
 c) Energy Saving  f) Compact Size
7. What foods are most important in your life?
 a) Beef  d) Vegetables  g) Other
 b) Pork  e) Seafood
 c) Poultry  f) Breads / Pasta
8. Where do you shop most often for electrical household goods? (Choose up to 3)
 a) Department Stores  d) Discount Dept. Stores  g) Infomercial / TV spots
 b) Internet  e) Specialty Stores  h) Other
 c) Price Clubs  f) Catalog / Mail Order
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10. Would you recommend the NuWave Oven to your family or friends?
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