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The NuWave Oven is the most popular countertop infrared oven. Over the years our oven has received many high-profile reviews and testominals.

This page is dedicated to various reviews from 3rd party sites as well as our own. We firmly believe that for the money you spend, the NuWave oven is one of the greatest values in countertop kitchen appliances.

A common feature of the reviews is customer appreciation for the ability to prepare food in the NuWave Oven with no added fat or oil. A comment we typically hear in reviews is the ability to prepare food in the NuWave Oven with no added fat or oil. A great benefit to people trying to lose weight!

nuwave ovenoven review
Reviews from users who discuss the advantages
of being able to eat healthier using their NuWave Oven.
All Reviews mentioning healthy eating at home

Another common feature from the reviews is admiration for the NuWave Oven's capability to cook from frozen. These users are typically on the go and need a solution to prepare food fast while still enjoying a health conscious lifestyle!

nuwave oven reviews
Read the following reviews from customers
who discuss the advantages of being able to cook from frozen
All Reviews mentioning cooking from frozen

We've often heard reviewers with diabetes discuss how appliances like the NuWave Oven help them reduce blood sugar.

nuwave oven prooven review
Read reviews from users who now have the ability to control blood sugar:
All Reviews mentioning blood sugar and diabetes

Bodybuilders particularly love the NuWave Oven. A lot of reviewers who are into lifting weights admire how easy it is to use the NuWave oven to cook lean meats for Post workout meals Lean and with less fat!

nuwave oven reviewsoven review
Reviews about the Nuwave Oven & Bodybuilding
Reviews relating the effects of the NuWave Oven & Bodybuilding:

Other reviewers have a fondness for the NuWave Ovens easy clean up. This makes sense to us. Who likes the tedious process of cleaning conventional ovens?

nuwave oven reviewsoven review
Read the following reviews from customers who enjoy
the easy clean up of the NuWave Oven:
All Reviews mentioning the ease of cleaning and use

Another comment we hear often praises the NuWave Oven's versatility. It is like a collection of tools in one Lightweight and Portable package!

nuwave oven reviews
oven review
Read reviews about the NuWave Ovens Lightweight and Portable
All Reviews mentioning portability
nuwave oven review